Gariz Camera Case for Olympus E-P5 OM-D XS-CHEP5

Gariz Camera Case
This half case is for Olympus E-P5 OM-D digital camera only.

Outstanding and unique design from Korea, 100% made in Korea.
It is made by genuine leather and with a metal bottom,
so it can prevent from scraping.
The bottom part has a hole for changing battery or memory card.
Half case only, camera and strap are not included.

韓國 Gariz 正貨 相機皮套
型號: XS-CHEP5

全意大利真皮製造, 富有色彩光澤, 手感特別舒適

金屬製造底座, 能有效防止刮花
獨特底座開口設計, 方便更換儲存卡或電池
特設3種色彩選擇:黑、啡及黑色壓紋, 總有一個合你心水!

eBay / Yahoo! Auctions HK

Special Black Limited / 黑色壓紋

Black / 黑色

Brown / 啡色


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