Updated dealer information – Mitakon

3 new dealers information are added, find our products in your near field 🙂



MotionBistro, Inc
Address : Suite 705 Dongsun Bldg, 1141-1, Sanbon-Dong, Gunpo, Gyeonggi, Korea
Postal Code: 435-040
Tel: 021-53019291
Website :www.motionbistro.com
E-mail :sales@motionbistro.com

Address : 4F, SooJung Building, 234-4,
Muk-dong, Jungnang-go,
Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-716-1068 /
Website :www.horusbennu.com
E-mail : xianji85@nate.com


Retro Focal
Address :119/19 Moo
5 Changwattana rd.
Pakkret,Nonthaburi 11120
Tel : 66-909940910
Website :www.retrofocal.com
E-mail :info@retrofocal.com
Facebook :www.facebook.com/retrofocal



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