Contax G – Sony NEX AF Mark II Eagle Operating-Instructions is available now!

Contax G – Sony NEX AF Mark II Eagle轉接環使用說明書現已上傳,用戶可在以下連結下載。如有任何查詢,歡迎聯絡我們!


Hi, Contax G – Sony NEX AF Mark II adapter Eagle operating-Instructions is available now. You can download here. Feel free to contact us if you need help or any suggestion.


NEW Canon EOS EF / EF-S to Sony NEX >>>> Mitakon Lens Turbo Adapter Avaliable NOW!!!!!!!

Stock out now, will available on 1st week of June.


Lens Turbo Adapter For mirrorless camera
No more waiting! Everyone can taste the full frame now!

* No electronic parts, Canon EF / EF-S aderputre and not support AF,IS,USM.

The new DEO Tech Contax G Sony NEX AF adapter Mark 2 “Eagle”

[3D Rendering preview image, not the final product]

Dear customers,

In a continuing effort to provide our customers with the best possible product, we are upgrading our product, so we are not able to delivery our product on time. We apologize for the delay again.

With the new feature adjustment, our adapters were building with unibody design, excellent finishing and higher-precision. The both side of the adapter, which will contact with the camera and lens are now made of brass. The new lens release button, allow you change the lens easier and comfortable. Moreover, the ultra-smooth manual focus wheel provides better experience, fast and easy control. Finally, we fixed the AF problem on NEX camcorder may occur on previous version.

The upgraded version of DEO Tech Contax G – Sony NEX AF adapter “Eagle” will available on 20th, June. We sure you will definitely love our new Contax G – Sony AF adapter “Eagle”. All orders placed before will free upgrade to “Eagle” and we will ship it to all of you in once.

Thank you so much for your support.


[3D Rendering preview image, not the final product]


Updated Lens Tubro Schedule

Hi! Every one, this is the updated Lens tubro schedule:

  • Pentax K and Minolta MD/MC are available now.
  • Contax C/Y release this week.
  • M42 will release on 1st week of June
  • Canon FD (stock out now) will restocked on 1st week of June.
  • Nikon Ai-s (stock out now) will restocked on 3rd week of June.
  • Canon EF will release on 4th week of June.
  • Finally, Leica R will release on 1st or 2nd week of July.

Enjoy it ~~~


Contax G to Sony NEX Adapter can be used with the following Contax Carl Zeiss T* G lens:
Biogon 21mm F/2.8 (but please be noted that the rear lens flange has to be cut)
Biogon 28mm F/2.8
Planar 35mm F/2
Planar 45mm F/2
Sonnar 90mm F/2.8
Vario – Sonnar 35-70mm f/3.4
You need to set aperture manually. The real time aperture value cannot be displayed on screen. The camera body and the lens are not couple. The aperture shown on the camera body is just for reference and the EXIF data would not affect metering.
If camera flash is used, it is suggested to set the lens aperture and camera body aperture the same. Otherwise the flash output may not be correct.
It is also highly recommended to switch off the camera before you change the lens.
Manual focus is Enable (final version only)

Deo Tech Canon EOS EF/EF-s to Sony NEX Adapter

萬眾期待Deo Tech全新產品“Canon EOS EF/EF-s鏡頭連接Sony NEX機身接環” 橫空登場!

把Canon EOS EF/EF-s鏡頭與Sony NEX相機機身連接使用,並擁有AF自動對焦,IS防手震及USM超音波摩達對焦功能,是廣大相機用戶夢寐以求的相機黃金組合。今天TECHART的最新接環產品終於把不可能實現!為一眾相機用戶帶來全新的攝影體驗!

TECHART的Canon EOS EF/EF-s鏡頭連接Sony NEX機身接環研發多時,務求集合一眾功能,給用家最完美的拍攝操作體驗!擁有AF自動對焦,同時具備IS防手震及USM超音波摩達對焦功能。不論拍照或拍攝影片都可輕易對焦,如同使用Sony NEX鏡頭般方便。


TECHART Canon EOS EF EF-S lens to Sony NEX camera adapter AF USM I.S. support

It finally comes true! We are glad to present the brand new TECHART Canon EOS Ef/EF-s Lens to Sony NEX camera adapter (AF Support)

This adapter allows you change the lens aperture (true electronic integration of aperture diaphragm) and support AF at the same time (USM and non-USM). Just like using NEX lens!

1) AF support when using Canon EF/Ef-s lens (entire USM and non-USM lens) on Sony NEX body.
2) true electronic integration of aperture diaphragm You can change the aperture on camera body (S/M mode) or let the camera choose aperture automatically (P/A mode).
3) Can change the aperture when taking movie (on NEX 5n or later model).
4) Easy to use, do not need extra accessories, like external battery and etc.
5) Removable tripod foot, more fixable and convenience


Hawk’s Factory Leica M to Fujifilm X pro 1 Macro Helicoid Adapter

Least version Hawk’s Factory Leica-M lens to Fujifilm X pro 1 mount macro tube helicoid adapter.

This adapter has special function : It allow you to take close up/macro image more easier when full extended. It can focus infinity when closed of course.
The length of this adapter is 16mm(min.) to 21mm (max.).

Made in Taiwan, excellent finishing.

This is least version, with focus handle(on right hand side), easier to focus. It allows you turn the ring even on the table.

New design lens release button, bigger and easier change lens. This is for one lens adapter only. Camera and lens are not included.

Test and Result (on Sony NEX camera, for reference only):

Test & Result

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